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A trustworthy lawyer!

Tom was the most prepared and thorough lawyer I’ve ever met. He was very good at explaining the practicalities of my case at every stage and the pros and cons of every strategic move we made. A great lawyer and a great person.

– satisfied client – avvo review

Certified Legal Malpractice Specialist

There are approximately 170,000 active lawyers in the state of California.  Fewer than 150 of those lawyers are certified by the California Bar Association as Legal Malpractice Specialists.  Of those, only a handful represent plaintiffs while the vast majority of specialists are defense attorneys.  When you hire Hovore Law you will be personally represented by one of the premiere legal malpractice lawyers in the state of California. 

Practice Areas

Professional Liability

Hovore Law specializes in counseling, representation and advocacy services for clients in the areas of attorney professional responsibility, legal malpractice and negligence, as well as real estate agent and broker liability.

Business and Commercial Litigation

Hovore Law represents clients ranging from solo entrepreneurs and small, family-run businesses to publicly-traded Fortune 100 companies in a wide range of commercial and business disputes.  

Real Estate Litigation

Experienced in sophisticated deal financing and ownership structures, Hovore Law represents owners, developers and tenants in the complex world of commercial real estate and real estate secured transactions. 

Need A Consult?

Our commitment to our clients begins with the first phone call.  When you schedule a consultation with Hovore Law, you will receive an honest and thorough evaluation of your case at no charge.  Contact us today to set up a telephonic or personal 30-60 minute consultation.

From Our Clients

Dedication to our clients is not just a catch-phrase at Hovore Law.  We take the responsibility we owe to our clients seriously and we are proud to present the unsolicited feedback we have received.

“I would say the multi-million dollar settlement Tom got for me was a gift from heaven, but it wasn’t.  It was all due to the strategy and tenacity of Mr. Hovore.”  


“Tom was the first person who listened to me when I knew my previous lawyer had messed things up. He helped me with my claim and even though the other lawyer denied everything, I got a good settlement.”


“Tom, you are the best.  I think as a young lawyer you are going to evolve in the next few years to the best trial lawyer in the state of Arizona.  You are a smart man and you have a good way with people.”


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